Monday, July 5, 2010


I've started thinking about getting a CGMS for Grace. Probably because a graph of her numbers looks more like the Swiss Alps lately than the flat pancake we strive for. So I've started a pros and cons list:

* The most obvious - we'd be able to see a more complete picture of her blood sugar numbers
* We could get a more accurate picture of how Humalog works in her body - how soon it starts to work and when it peaks
* Catch and treat highs and lows before they get out of control
* Identify how to better bolus for problem foods (yes you, cheeseburger!)

* I don't know if insurance would cover it
* Grace is so tiny, and doesn't have much real estate for another implanted medical device
* Still would require finger sticks. When Grace thought a CGM would fully replace sticks she was all for it. After I told her we'd still check her blood from her fingers just as often, she quickly changed her mind.
* Accuracy, or lack thereof. I've heard it's questionable and I'm leery of subjecting Grace to the burden of wearing a CGM if it's not going to give me numbers I can count on.

I guess I feel like, for now, wearing the pump is enough to ask. She loves the pump and wouldn't go back to shots for anything. But if I ask her to also wear a CGM, is she going to start to feel over-burdened? I don't want her to think about her diabetes all the time.

On the other hand, her numbers have been so erratic lately that maybe a CGM could help me figure out what's going on.

How did you decided to CGM or not?


  1. Ours will be here THIS Wednesday :)I CAN'T WAIT!

    For us... Justin drops low ALOT. Including in the middle of the night. There have been many times I have had to give him carbs a couple of times in the same night. There are times in the day that he doesn't feel his low. And I am just plain exhausted. I am scared to sleep if I am unsure of where his number is headed. Most nights... I am lucky if I have slept 2 hours.

    My insurance covered it 100% so it isn't going to cost me anything to give it a go.

    poking around what people wrote about them... I have found that Dexcom was the best as far as accuracy.

    Justin doesn't have a whole lot of real estate either, but I figured it would help with a whole lot of questions that I can't figure out on my own. AND for those times of "D bliss" (if that's possible) and/or we don't think its worth it... I have a nice spot on the shelf it can hang out until I need it again ;)

    Just me two cents... there are lots of posts out there about them.

  2. We got one because our insurance covered it. We split it between the boys to tweek their numbers. J's nighttime numbers have been wonky the past week, so tomorrow he'll get a chance to wear it.

    First, contact the CGM carrier. Ask to do a trial. That will give you a really good idea if it will be an option for your family. And then find out if it is even covered. The cgm carrier should do the leg work for you. GOOD LUCK!

  3. I hear ya Pam. We gotta talk. I feel the same way you do - the pump is enough for her right now. I just cannot bring myself to have her wear the CGM either and maybe that's selfishness on my part or not being brave enough to just force her into it, but it just feels like TOO MUCH for her. Maybe you feel the same way about your G. I know it would bring me lots of information, but at what mental and emotional cost to her? Does the physical always trump the mental and emotional?

    That's why in part that I turned to Gary Scheiner in addition to my endo. Another person to help educate me so that I have better control for G. It helps me figure it all out and get better control, which in turn helps her.

    Your list of pros and cons are valid and I just wanted to let you know that there are other moms out here who have the same dang list in their heads :0)

  4. well right now Im still waiting on the insurance change at my husbands work cause the insurance now does not cover me at all and he did not want to give them one dime since they would not cover me so we are both waiting on the insurance and we shall see and if it does not cover me again then he will not give them a dime either so I guess you could say we are just waiting to see if the insurance going to be better or worse and such .

  5. We just started our 7-year-old daughter on a Dexcom CGM a week ago. (She has a Medtronic pump.) We chose the Dexcom after seeing how much our friends love theirs for their 6 year old. We had all the same hesitations you have, especially having so much technology on a little girl.
    We love it so far. It's true that the readings are approximate and occasionally totally off. When that happens we type in the result of the BG check and go on. You can calibrate it anytime without any special circumstances. I don't really expect the reading to be numerically exact, getting a ball park is helpful, and the real value is in knowing if she's rising, falling, or steady, and at what rate.
    It has already helped us avoid lows. Our daughter was happy to get it knowing that she'd feel better with fewer lows. The other morning the low alarm woke me just as she was just starting to go low. I sleep a little more easily with that alarm.
    One more thing, we held off on the sensor because other friends told us that theirs (another brand) hurt. The Dexcom doesn't bother her at all and changes are after 7-10 days. The blog ThisisCaleb has a video of their son having a sensor change, it was all ok. Same for our daughter. This is a good chart we studied for the needle guages and other comparisons:
    We are big fans of the Dexcom CGM. It helps us have peace of mind which as you know is everything when parenting a Type 1 child. And for our girl, it helps her feel better without having the surprise lows.
    Good luck and thanks for your blog!

  6. Good post....because I want my son to get one too and I love reading these comments!

    We have our next endo appointment in Oct and I'm going to talk with her about it.

    I want one so bad! I think it'll make Matthew feel more in control of his diabetes.

    We'll see.....