Friday, July 23, 2010

My Sandy Dilema

(Acknowledgement: I'm not posting a recipe for D-Feast Friday, but I'll definitely be trying some of the delish sounding ones. I love to cook, but Grace's numbers are very finicky - very sensitive to fatty foods (I'm talking to you, Cheeseburger!). Most of my recipes I have NO IDEA what the carb count is, but through trial and error I can bolus her correctly. So I look forward learning lots of new recipes, but for now I have bigger fish to fry... pun intended!)

It's vacation time! Woohoo!

We're going to the beach for a glorious week of sun, surf, sand, and hopefully I can finally make some headway in my book.

But I have a question for all you D-mamas out there. And I'm only looking for D-mamas of tubed pumpers (sorry, no Omnipoders or shot givers... much love, but this is one specific thing you guys are fortunate enough to not have to deal with. ).

What do I do with Grace's pump at the beach?

When we're at the pool she either wears her pump if she's out of the water, or I put it in my cooler while she's swimming.

But at the beach I envision rolling around in the sand, digging holes, making sand castles, running to and from the water, sometimes going in, sometimes not.

I've heard that using the little clip to close off the site when the pump is removed is good for keeping sand and grit out. But I'm kind of nervous about getting sand in the pump itself.

Would you suggest just keeping the pump in the cooler and checking her number and bolusing accordingly, say, once an hour?

Should I somehow wrap it in a zip-lock bag or plastic wrap, with the tubing sticking out for when she's wearing it?

I know you all are a bunch of smart cookies! Any insight would be appreciated.


  1. My son is 5 and on an Animas Ping. He keeps his pump in a waist pack and we have had no issues with it getting sandy but his inset site got so sandy we could not even disconnect and had to just pull it off and put in a new set. The clip helps but if sand gets in between, even that can get stuck. We found if we put a waterproof bandage over the set, that it kept the sand out but didn't make it very easy to disconnect/reconnect.
    Good luck and have fun!!

  2. I don't have a whole lot of experience with the beach yet. We have kinda put it off so far.

    Our cde told us to use a baggie when its not on and use the clip for the site to help with the sand. My plan is to try the unhook/bolus every hour thing and adjust from there.

    The waist pack may be a good idea... I might even stick it in a baggie before I put it in there. We need to make some form of waterproof packs or case(like they have for cameras so you can take them underwater)... we would make a fortune :)

  3. We go to the beach like once a I'm not a pro. But I would go with the baggie thing if you don't have a pump pack. I don't think sand on the pump is the end of the world, but better safe than sorry. I think I usually take them off though if they are in the wet sand, and in and out of the surf. Look to see what the basals are for the next three hours, add them together and bolus that amount before takin the pump off. Good luck! I wish I had some genius idea for you!

  4. Addy wears Animas. We did a pump pack around her waist and hardly gave it a second thought when she was playing on a sandy lakeshore last week...we even went boating that afternoon...she got on the raft AND dove into the lake for a swim :)

  5. YAY for the beach!! If truth be told, I don't really think about closing off the site when I'm in the water - I guess I'm going to have to start now!
    I always stick both the pump (when I go in the water) and meter ( not to mention my iPhone) in the cooler when I'm at the beach. I place them in a zip lock bag, then place said ziplock in a travel makeup bag and place in the cooler and everything works fine!