Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pool Party

What do you do when your daughter has been waiting for a month for her party, that she's planned to have at the pool for six months, but she has swimmer's ear and isn't supposed to go under water? You do this...

Then you put a swim cap on top, as an extra layer of protection, add in some Motrin, and you get this...

One happy 9 year old girl who finally gets to celebrate her birthday! "I think this was my best party ever, Mommy!" What more could I ask for? (Ok, I know, I could ask for a reprieve from her yucktastic numbers. But this was enough for today.)


  1. Fantastic! Glad she had her party and what a great solution to it all! Happy Birthday Grace!

  2. yep take the little things this is what diabetes has taught me . so glad that grace had a great time and glad you thought of all the precautions . kuddos to you mama .

  3. Hooray for ear plugs, a swim cap and Motrin! :) Happy birthday, Grace!!

  4. Genius! Look at that smile! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  5. You're a smart Momma! And Grace looked so cute! : )

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE - and awesome swim lid!
    kelly k

  7. i would fuck her brains out

    1. agreed. i bet that little pussy is tight as a drum. bend that bitch over and pound her little cunt.