Monday, July 19, 2010

Why I Love Camp

Today was Grace's first day at camp. She goes to the Clara Barton Camp. This is her second year attending one-week day camp. She's on the timid side, so she's definitely not one of those kids jumping for joy and squealing wanting to introduce me to all her new BFFs she met today. She's my observer. She takes it all in, and quietly loves everything camp has to offer.

And I love camp, too. I know several of you D-moms out there have blogged about your concerns sending your little ones off to camp. Not me. I actually quite enjoy the short break camp offers me from obsessing over Grace's numbers. When one of my other kids wants a snack or a drink they can just have it. No weighing, measuring, checking or bolusing. I know that Grace's well cared for by qualified counselors and nurses, most of whom are diabetics themselves. She crafts, swims (yep, swimmer's ear is all cleared up!), plays Doctor Dodgeball (the best I can gather is this is some sort of game where the goal is to pummel the "doctor" with the ball - how perfect!).

When Grace is away I get to spend quality time with my other two children. I so often feel they're the forgotten one's in our diabetic home. So it's nice to have a week to splurge with them in the food department - slushies, ice cream in the middle of the day, orange juice for breakfast (I know, crazy).

Maybe if it was sleep-away camp I'd be more concerned. Her numbers are never stellar when she's there (for example, today she was 78, 59 and 196) but these numbers are actually pretty good compared to where she's been recently. And I feel the enjoyment she gets far outweighs the shaky numbers.

So I love camp. And Grace loves camp. And I have a sneaky suspicion that her siblings love camp, too!

Where do you weigh in on camp?


  1. Day camp would be SO SO awesome! But they don't offer that around here. :( So glad she had fun, and you got a little break from d.

  2. Oh I am so glad she loves camp - it sounds delightful! LOVE the Doctor Dodgeball - fantastic! And it's so true, our other kiddos have time spent just with them - without the craziness the D brings to all food-related stuff. Glad you got some time with your other kiddos and had OJ! Oh how I miss having OJ in the house - sorry, digression there.

    G is going to sleepaway D camp for 5 nights - can you say 5 nights. She will be totally ok and totally well-cared for, I know that. It's ME who will miss her terribly. I will enjoy the break for the week from the D, but I so enjoy her presence in my life that I will end up crying when I drop her off - happy that she will meet other T1 kiddos and have the time of her life and sad that she will be gone for a week. Wish they had a day camp for D near us.

  3. dont feel bad meri we did not have day camps when my kids were younger either . I guess budget cuts go on everywhere . Pam so glad that grace has such a good time at camp .

  4. I love the IDEA of camp, but when it came to letting go of Elise long enough for her to attend... now that's another story. Thankfully, I don't have to stress over that decision until many years from now.

  5. Hi Pam, I'm so glad you're enjoying this time!

    Since this was Matthew's first year at camp, I was nervous in the beginning, but then enjoyed it. I will next year as well.

    Isn't camp a blessing?! You love it. Grace loves it. And I KNOW your other kiddos will love spending the extra time with their sweet momma.