Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Type 4?

I came into this new school year expecting lots of highs, due to Grace's body adjusting to her new routine of sitting most of the day instead of running around (like she did all summer). Is that what we've had?


Lows, lows, lows.

The kind of lows that don't come up after the first round of glucose tabs.

The kind of lows where Grace misses most of her math lesson because she's at the nurse waiting, waiting, waiting for her number to come up.

The kind of low where the school nurse won't let her on the bus at dismissal, and I have to go pick all three kids up at school. Twice already in 9 days. (Our policy is that if Grace is below 70 at dismissal, she's to be treated for the low, then I'm called to pick her up. I don't want her on the bus that low.)

I think Grace may have some previously unidentified form of wack-a-doo diabetes. All summer we fought highs on days when she was swimming from here to Rhode Island! She'd get more exercise than ever, and still we'd fight numbers in the 300s.

Now, on non-PE days, when she's doing no more than walking around the school a little, she's low. Not crazy, scary, 40s low. Just low. High 60s that are persistent buggers. And lots of 70s, which, to me, still seem kind of low for school.

I've scaled back her breakfast insulin:carb ratio. Now I think we may need to tweak down her basal rate.

Hmmm, lets see... high when she exercises and low when she's sedentary. I vote for Wack-a-Doo Diabetes.


  1. Man I hate when "d" doesn't play by the rules.

  2. BIG SIGH..D just does not make sense some of the time..well., lets face it..A LOT of the time!!

  3. Looks like we might have that type 4 too. =) Bekah has been running on the low end since school started as well. I have done I:C ratio adjustments for every meal at least once and I am considering a basal decrease too. We'll see how her numbers look tonight.

    I just finished reading "Think Like a Pancreas" and the author who is a T1 and CDE talks about how the brain uses glucose and in times when our brain is working hard, blood sugar is lowered sometimes significantly. One of those things that I kind of knew but when I read it thought "ah so maybe that is what is going on here" (with Bekah)

    Good luck with all of the adjustments! I hope she gets some relief from all of those yucky lows soon. ((hugs))

  4. my girlfriend is having a similar issue with her Ddaughter. She has had 3 days of lows. She said one day 9 consecutive lows, finally got up to 150 then had no insulin for lunch and dinner and never got to 200. Weird!

    Hope it "stablizes"

  5. I'm pretty sure you could patent that - wack a doo diabetes! Thanks for the laugh. Hope you guys get things figured out. Nothing like persistent lows while she is away from you for hours at a time to make you crazy!

  6. Interesting! I might need to read more about this "wack a doo d". Justin tends to drop when he's anxious. Weird... but true!

  7. One thing I have learned during this crazy journey...D likes to throw some curve balls at us once in awhile! BOO HOO to the "wack-a-doo-d"!!!