Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Saturday was my Mom's birthday. I had intended to write a post about how great my Mom is, and what an inspiration she is. But weekends are busy around here, and time got away from me. So now I find myself with a few minutes to spare and no kids on top of me. Turn on my computer, get the creative juices flowing, and... nothing. Blank. I honestly can't think of what to write.

It's not for lack of inspiration. I just don't know where to begin.

My mom married the man who would become my model for what a great husband and father should be.

My mom worked nights for a time, but I can honestly say that I never remember her not being there. She was such a source of love and compassion when I was growing up that her absence was never felt.

One of my strongest childhood memories is of sitting on my mom's lap before bedtime on Christmas night. We were looking at the tree, listening to Christmas carols. I told her that I wished Christmas weren't over. She said, "Me too." I see now how hard it is to watch your children grow up.

My mom raised four happy, healthy, successful children. Hello! That's my main goal in life!

My mom nursed four children with chronic asthma, two as infants and two when they were teens. My oldest sister had it the worst as a baby. She had to be taken to the ER several times because she couldn't breathe.

My mom cooked though she never enjoyed it, ironed though she hated it with a passion, and was even the Girl Scout Cookie Chairperson, all in the name of her family. These are all things I took for granted as a child, but have come to appreciate as a mother.

My mom lost her father to cancer, her brother to complications from alcoholism, and her other brother to a heart attack. Her mother lived with us until she died.

Now my mom is at a point in her life that, I'm sure, she never imagined she'd be. She's taking care of my father who's health is rapidly deteriorating. He has Parkinson's and a myriad of other complications. Her life, so long lived in service to others, is now about caring for her husband who can no longer care for himself. Their winter vacations, something that they used to wait the entire year for, are a thing of the past. It would be too much for my dad. My mom has even given up her career as a nurse, something she was born to do, because he can't be left alone.

So how do I pay tribute to this woman who has given so much to so many?

All I can say is that I love you, Mom. I miss you every day and wish we lived closer so that I could help you out more. You're a great mom, Nanny and wife.

I honor you, Mom, on your birthday and every day. I love you and cherish our bond. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Pam. She sounds like a truly great lady.

  2. AWWW Pam, she sounds wonderful! Happy Be-lated Birthday to your mom!

  3. Beautiful words for what sounds like a beautiful woman!

  4. Beautiful post Pam about your mom - she sounds like an amazing woman!