Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chirp, chirp, chirp...

You hear the crickets chirping? I do too. That's the deafening sound of the silence that's befallen my blog.

I haven't posted in weeks. To be honest, I haven't even read OTHER blogs in weeks.

I just don't seem to have the energy these days. I'm tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself in weeks. It's actually taking a really long time to even write this post because I keep pausing to simply stare out the window, lost in a vegetative state.

First, as usual, I'll start with the diabetes stuff. I suppose it's just "life with D" but it seems like there's always something messing with Grace's numbers. So I'm never quite sure if her numbers are a trend that need to be addressed, or an anomaly that will correct itself. Are the past two days high numbers due to stress and hours of sitting for MCAS (Mass. state testing)? Or maybe rebound numbers after a weekend of skiing? (No, I didn't ski. I don't ski. I was the "helping my husband ski with three kids" facilitator. It was a full-time job. It sucked most of the time.)

And that's just my latest D issue. There's ALWAYS something. And it's exhausting. And overwhelming. Last week we changed some of her basals. Are they working? Not sure yet, what with all the state testing and skiing going on.

And then there's the Variety Show. The annual talent show at the elementary school. Grace is in two acts, Little Sister's in one and Little Brother's in one. Somehow I was put in charge of my two girl's acts. Good God, the drama that comes from directing seven young girls in a two minute dance routine! There's choreography, costumes, props, rehearsals. Last night was the dress rehearsal (yes, the finish line is in sight!). I was there for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS! Are you freaking kidding me?

Did I mention that Little Sister's birthday party is this weekend? Am I prepared? Nope! Ten 8 year old girls will be coming expecting crafts for two hours. Sounds fun, huh? Then my in-laws are coming on Sunday, because God forbid we have one celebration and get it over with. I have to clean the house (after Hurricane Second Grade Girl Party) and cook them dinner and, come to think of it, make another cake since Sunday is Little Sister's actual birthday.

Then my husband leaves for Vegas for 12 days. And soccer, softball, lacrosse and t-ball all start up. Then we go to New Jersey for Easter.

And all I want to do is crawl into bed, watch a little hockey and Dancing With The Stars (yes, I have eclectic taste) and go to sleep.

And not wake up till summer vacation.


  1. I can SO relate! We are living parallel lives! Three kids and one disease is a lot to handle on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, the end of the school year is in sight! We're on the down swing now!

  2. I've been MIA too. Haven't posted in weeks. Not reading blogs. Well, started back on a few yesterday.

    Matthew is just like Grace. Numbers off recently. I think he's going out of honeymoon and trust me....it's no honeymoon.

    Anyway....glad you're back!

  3. I was getting worried about you dear Pam!!! Good to know you are alive, barely hanging on, but alive! I have missed you my dear cyber friend!!! Sorry that all hell is breaking loose and since when are talent shows worthy of this preparation??? You have taken on so much and threw D in for the mix. it is all so overwhelming at times. Here's hoping you get some time to yourself and that things slow down. You have been missed!!!

  4. Ahhh Hockey AND Dancing With The Stars? Eclectic INDEED Girl. Sounds like you got a lot going on. Missed you around here!