Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekend Meme

It's Saturday, and we have nothing on the calendar. NOTHING! Nowhere to be, no one expecting us, no schedule to race to keep up with. So I find myself browsing the DOC, and I came across an old post from Hannah over at Dorkabetic. She put together this fun little alphabet meme, which I hope she doesn't mind that I've stolen.

Happy Lazy Summer Saturday!

Age: 41

Bed size: King. Don't understand how married couples can sleep in anything but.

Chore you dislike: Dusting. It just gets dusty again, so why bother?

Dogs: Love them. Grew up with Max, a smart poodle mix, then had Beau, a stupid lab mix. Got Molly before Grace was born and she died last fall. No dog now, but will probably get another one some day.

Essential start to your day: I'm a snuggler, so some snuggles from hubby are a must.

Favorite color: Dark blue

Gold or silver: Probably silver, but like most girls married in the 90s, my wedding band is yellow gold.

Height: 5’4", but I wear heels a lot.

Instruments you play(ed): In 5th grade I wanted to learn to play guitar but broke my thumb after two lessons, when Karen closed it in the bathroom stall door.

Job title: Instructional Assistant in a kindergarten class.

Kids: Three: Grace (future movie producer or CEO, definitely in a position to boss people around), Little Sister (future self-proclaimed movie star and Olympic swimmer), and Little Brother (future famous rock climber and race car driver).

Live: Just north of Boston.

Mom’s name: Marie Antoinette. Yes, I'm serious. (hi Mom!)

Nicknames: I grew up with my family calling me Pam Soup, or Soupie, or just plain Soup. No idea where this came from.

Overnight hospital stays: Only for my three complication free deliveries.

Pet Peeves: Food that goes to waste, the fact that my husband's phone apparently NEVER acknowledges when I call, and being called "Mrs. Dunn" by the young, cute lifeguards at the pool. Way to make a gal feel old!

Quote from a movie: "Just keep swimming!". Finding Nemo

Righty or Lefty: Southpaw

Siblings: Two older sisters and an older brother... could you guess I'm the baby?

Time you wake up: Need. More. Sleep. 6:30am on work days. As late as possible all other days.

Underwear: Yes (not sure how this was intended)

Vegetables you don’t like: Cooked green peppers... blech!

What makes you run late: I'm a procrastinator at heart. That, and deciding which shoes to wear ;)

X-Rays you’ve had: Broken thumb and finger, two separate occasions

Yummy food you make: Shrimp Scampi

Zoo animal favorite: Polar bears, though I feel really sorry for them in captivity.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Love it... I might steel it for Monday's post :)

  2. Fun! Will have to 'steal' this, too, one day! :)
    Always nice to get to know my friend in my computer better! ;)

  3. Chore you dislike?

    The better question is: What chore don't you dislike?

    I dislike them all, lol!

    Though I do like the wander around pulling weeds.

  4. Love it - might need to steal it!

  5. Yeah, the underwear one is weird . . . . since I am NaBloPlaMo'ing this month I bet I will be stealing this meme for sure!

  6. Love this! I'm 5'4" too. Still waiting on my growth spurt....

    Hey, are you on FB? I just started connecting with d-moms there and love it. If you are there, will you find me...Tracy Capps Selle....

  7. Pam Soup came from the fact that you don't have a middle name. Mom and Dad (read Mom) wanted to name you Pamela Sue. But the Catholic church wouldn't accept any nickname. It had to be the proper name... Susan. Mom didn't like Pamela Susan so your unofficial nickname became Pam Sue. It was probably Dave that couldn't pronounce your name right, so Pam Soup, or Soupie it is.