Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another First

Change is hard. Especially for my rules-following, structure-loving oldest child. So when our CDE suggested we try Grace's arm for infusion sites, I had little faith she'd be on board. Up till now we've only used her bum. We tried her stomach once, but pulled it immediately because it hurt so badly. It's not that her bum is in bad shape - it's fine. It's just that as Grace gets bigger there's more real estate at her disposal. So we talked about it. I showed Grace this picture for inspiration from Wendy's blog. And she did it. Didn't even flinch. My brave girl.


  1. Woo Hoo!!!
    We get great numbers from Justin's arms. And he complained about his belly when we tried to use it too.

  2. We used to only do bottom but one night I had to change his set while he was asleep and did his arm...after he got over the initial anger about it, he thought it was great. We have been using mostly arm now and seem to get better numbers.

  3. !!!CHILLS!!!

    WOW!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!

    So proud of you, Grace!!!!

    (and Grace's Mom!)

  4. Where does she wear her pump? Is it in a pack? Curious. I think it would be great to try Joe's arm once in awhile... just not sure on the pump positioning.

    WoHooo to Grace and to you!!!

  5. Yeah for Grace!!! Brave indeed!
    Love from my G to yours!

  6. Brave girl! I am the one who is too scared to try anything besides the rear end!