Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Fight Season!

Ladieeees and Gentleman! Welcome to Fight Season! Or as some like to call it, the run-up to the end of the school year. All our fights you're witnessing here happened within the last 2 and a half weeks... with more on the way! Yipee!

In this corner, weighing in at 52 pounds of twisted steel and insulin pump... GRACE!

In the other corner, back by popular demand, ready to spike a blood sugar at any given moment... HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!

This season started slow, with some minor under-card fights. The first opponent was candy given out at school to "give the kids energy" during MCAS testing. Grace walked away with a TKO, pocketing the candy and saving it for lows.

Grace 1, HFCS 0

The next challenger was a make-your-own ice cream sundae, because the class room mother had some extra money in the kitty. No sweat. Blood sugar of 84 going into the fight, and 107 two hours later.

Grace 2, HFCS 0

Now the competition really picks up. Grace next faces the "OMG! It's so hot in school the kids might just melt! Let's give them all popsicles!" Grace took a blind sided hook from the left and it knocked her out. Sad to say, but she lost this one - it wasn't even close. Already high going in at 207, then leaves with a 303 followed by 421. This one was a bruiser, ladies and gentleman.

Grace 2, HFCS 1

(Pause for intermission, where Grace's trainer and mother has a wiggie on the school for handing out so much junk food in the classroom. Hell hath no fury like the mother of a diabetic. She handed it to the teacher, principle, school nurse and director of nursing for the district. Hopefully changes are coming. Stay tuned...)

The next fight is a mere 5 days later... birthday cake at a friend's party. This one ends in a draw - blood sugars up and down all day. Start of party - 130, before cake - 191, after party - 138, dinner - 221. Can't figure this one out, so it's a tie.

Grace 2, HFCS 1

Up next, the often dreaded, Grace's birthday. This fight was a little easier than expected. It wasn't her party, just cake after Little Sister's soccer tourney. Thanks to lots of running around on the soccer fields with friends, the birthday cake didn't stand a chance. Grace actually over prepared for this fight, but recovered quickly. 97 going in, 157 an hour later, 58 two hours after that, but a nice rebound with a 110 holding steady all night.

Grace 3, HFCS 1

Those of you who might be a little squeamish may want to cover your eyes for the next fight. Here comes "a friends gelato birthday cake." Apparently, it's been in training, because neither Grace nor her trainer saw this one coming. Usually she handles ice cream, no problem. Not this time. Blood sugar 75 going in, a whopping 365 two hours later. Yikes. We need to start working on our fundamentals a bit more.

Grace 3, HFCS 2

That brings us up to date on our end of school year fight schedule. Upcoming matches include duels with "dinner out with grandparents," "end of soccer season pizza party," "BBQ picnic lunch day at school" which features the always tough cheeseburger battle, and "end of school picnic" with your fav and mine - pizza and ice cream. It's been a tough season, but Grace is holding strong.
Will she prevail? Stay tuned...


  1. A blast of a post! Wonderful! I know you and Grace can knock it out of the park in this fight! And good for you for giving them something to think about handing out all this 'stuff' in the last few weeks of school. I keep saying 'WHY must everything be celebrated with a cupcake????' Grace is doing great throughout her battles and I know in the end, she will TKO the HFCS.

  2. Great post! Continue fighting against the evil HDCS!
    As for me, I HATE HFCS w/a passion and have written about it in the past.
    Did you see the movie "King Corn?" It's an amazing documentary re: the HFCS industry and the grip it has on America.

    Will continue to stay tuned....
    Kelly K

  3. What a great post. I wish I could write like you. Grace is in the lead, which I attribute to good parenting.

    GO PAM! You're a great trainer. Keep up the good work.

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