Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sick Day... The Sequel

Grace woke AGAIN with a stomach ache AGAIN and threw up AGAIN! She seems a little sicker than the other day - though she's felt fine in between. At first I thought her tummy bothered her this morning from the 2 juice boxes she had last night to fight persistent lows. (Sometimes after swimming she's low, and sometimes she's high, so I don't automatically lower her basal rate.)

7p, post swimming - 70 (1 starburst on the way home)
8p, dinner - 121 (45 carbs)
11p - 71 (half juice box...not sure why my husband started the 'half' juice thing, but whatever)
12:15a - 52 (rest of juice box)
12:45 - 88 (lowered basal by 20% for 4 hours)
3a - 63 (another whole juice box)
6a - threw up
6:30 - 137

As the morning wore on it became apparent it wasn't the juice, and simply a return of the bug she had earlier this week. As I learned from a few days ago, I may increase her basal slightly to compensate for the fact she'll be in bed, inactive, all day.

Anyone have any home remedies for icky tummys? I'd love to hear some!

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  1. Oh sorry to hear poor G is down with a tummyache. It's no fun. I always stick with what my Mom told me years ago - BRAT which stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. They all seem to work with my kiddos when they are sick and throw up and need to slowly start eating again. Hope she feels better soon.

    Oh and tell me about the half a juicebox thing? Do you only let her have half of it to bring up a low?