Monday, June 14, 2010

Please Don't Make Me Eat Any More Candy!

Saturday was the first day since Grace's dx that she was low all day, and nothing I gave her brought her up. We had a bit of a party to celebrate the end of the soccer season (for her sister's team)/ birthday celebration. She had pizza, a low sugar popsicle, ice cream cake, and countless starbursts and jolly ranchers. Still her day went like this:

7:30 - 64
8:00 - 116
9:00 - 140 (pre soccer)
9:40 - 100 (half time, clementine, no bolus)
10:20 - 51 (post game)
11:30 - 46
12:00 - 130 (bolus for 2 slices of pizza)
1:15 - 70 (popsicle, no bolus)
2:45 - 57 (bolus for ice cream cake, give less than recommended)
3:45 - 66
5:20 - 64
5:45 - 60
8:45 - 98

By 5:45pm she had a stomach ache from all the candy and sweets she'd eaten all day, and refused to eat any more candy or juice. She actually uttered the words, "Please don't make me eat any more candy!" We settled on Ginger Ale, which also settled her tummy, and she was then able to eat an English muffin which I didn't bolus for. I lowered her basal at night, right when the rebound high of 250 hit, but that number was actually a relief to see.

So my question is, what to you give your kids to bring up their numbers when they're sick and refusing to eat? She'll take some Gatorade which helps, but other than that I'm stuck and need help. And what foods could I have given her during the day to ward off those lows?

I need help!


  1. Oh this is no fun Pam! Poor gal! These ideas came to mind: regular soda, applesauce, a banana, half a bagel. Maybe the foods you were giving her were such fast-acting sugar that it never really 'attacked' the low and made a higher number stick? Just a thought. You need a headier carb to attack a persistent low, that's why I was thinking of the banana and the bagel. The English muffin probably did the trick though! I'll keep thinking on this one too....

  2. We almost always use bananas for Elise's lows and they do the trick nicely. Elise has NEVER turned down a banana. She can even eat them in her sleep!