Monday, June 14, 2010

Wicked Sweet?

There are such creative blog names in the DOC. I love the ones with organ names the most, like I Am Your Pancreas, and Death of a Pancreas. Or those that highlight you child's name, like This is Caleb, A Sweet Grace, and The Ethan and Isaac Show. And then there's the candy references, like Candy Hearts and Where Candy is Medicine.

So what's a new blogger to do when it's time to pick a name for said blog? Call my sister. She's the one who came up with our JDRF walk team name - Grace's Aces. Love it. Do it again. Only this time she came up blank. Nothing.

So I spent some time thinking. I felt paralyzed, like I couldn't begin writing until I came up with a suitable name. I know it sounds silly, but that's how my mind works. I'm a linear thinker. I can't move on to the next thing until I finish the first.

Then one day I was babysitting the absolute cutest little 3 year old girl. She's tiny, even for her age, and she's so soft spoken and polite (quite a difference from my own occasional back-talkers). I asked her if she was hungry for a snack, and in true Boston form, she answered, "I'm wicked hungry!"

Now, those of you who don't know, wicked is a term used here in Massachusetts that's synonymous with really or very. As in, "I'm wicked tired from checking Grace's blood sugar all night long." Or, "The Celtics are wicked awesome and going all the way this year! Beat LA!"

Yet, wicked can also mean something very bad or evil (think Wicked Witch of the West). So Wicked Sweet can mean either very sweet or horribly sweet. Which is pretty much my life as the mom of a diabetic. I deal with the good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The joy and the sadness. The preciousness of my daughter and the insanity of diabetes.

So, Wicked Sweet it is. And wicked sweet we shall remain.

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  1. I love the name Wicked Sweet. I think it captures it all!