Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pumpin at the Pool

This is our first summer with Grace on the pump. I kind of thought it was going to be pretty easy to regulate her blood sugar - simply lower her basal rate and we're good to go.

I'm finding it much harder than anticipated. She uses the Animas Ping which is supposed to be waterproof, but from a couple accounts I hear that's not always the case. Plus, swimming always plummets her numbers, so disconnect while swimming is the rule.

But even disconnected, I have trouble keeping her over 70. Today I was literally chasing her around the pool with Gatorade during swim team practice! Yesterday every snack she ate during the day I didn't need bolus. What happens is she comes out of the water wanting a snack. I check her number and she's, say, 100. 15-20 carb snack with no bolus, don't even bother reconnecting, and she's back in the water pretty soon.

However, late yesterday she came out of the water, I didn't check her blood sugar, she stayed out for a while, I forgot to reconnect her, and she ended up at 318! I felt so rotten, because I could've prevented it if I'd remembered.

Do any of you have a good pool-day routine that I can follow? It seems I can't keep Grace from pinging from low to high to low again. I know much of the answer lies in testing more frequently, but I'm already testing 10 times a day! Any pumping and swimming advice?


  1. Hey - our 1st summer pumping and swimming too! Learning curve is steep on this one. I'll tell you what I do, maybe it will help. I created a temp basal of -20% of her basal rate for 2 hours (or longer if she is swimming). But that's cause I don't have to disconnect, so would that work for you on the Ping? I don't know. I think that decreasing her basal rates BEFORE she swims might be the trick, like 3-4 hours before she swims. Maybe cut that rate down, so that she goes into swimming on a higher number which would result in less 'pinging' from high to low. Then still give snacks without a bolus and she won't have dropped that much cause she started higher.

    I know other mommas will chime in here with some good advice. I'll bet Meri has the answer - she has the answer to everything in her swelly, hurty brain. And I know if she is reading this right now, she is laughing. But I will bet she knows.

  2. I wish I had some good advice for you but unfortunately I have none...I have just enrolled Miss E in swim lessons this summer, this will be her first time swimming and I don't know what to expect yet.

    I wish you all the best and hope that you get some great advice from all of our fellow D-moms/dads...I know that they have a wealth of knowledge!

  3. Yup Penny, you totally made me laugh! But too bad I have no real good advice. I'm usually chasing kids around with juice too. On swimming days I do decrease basals after the pool. But with my boys, the lows usually come hours after...during the night. Everyone is affected differently by there isn't a mold. Keep tinkering and you'll come up with a plan. Trial and error stinks, but it's all we have sometimes.

  4. Swimming makes me sick.

    Sorry to be so blunt.

    We haven't had any issues with Addy's pump in the water -- except the she seemed to have alot of lows while swimming with it on.

    This is our 3rd (AZ) summer with a pump and it's getting a little better.

    I wrote this post awhile back, trying to explain how we're managing swim. Sorry if it sounds all complicated. But. This freaking disease is complicated.

    Hope it helps!