Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Grace uses the Animas Ping pump. We chose it for several reasons:

1. It's capable of giving the lowest incremental amounts of insulin, and with Grace's honeymoon still going strong that worked for us.
2. It's parent company is J&J, so they're working on partnering with DexCom CGMS.
3. Grace is small for her age and lean. Something about the OmniPod looked so big on her teeny body.
4. Remote meter capability, so I can bolus from the pump or the meter.
5. I was concerned about damage or loss to the OmniPod handheld thingy (not sure what it's called, but the meter, boluser thingy... you know what I mean).
6. It's waterproof.

So far, so good with all the above reasons. Including, and apparently not to be forgotten, the waterproof part.

Yesterday we were running late for swim team practice, so I pulled up at the front entrance and had Grace hop out and run in. I told her to just leave her stuff in a pile and I'd find it and bring it to our seats.

I proceed with said plan, park, unload two other children and head in to the pool area. I find Grace's things, grab them and find a cabana for some shade. Confirm she's in the pool, and start sun lotioning.

All of a sudden, Grace comes up to me in tears with her pump in her hand. She had been wearing a lycra waist band with the pump tucked inside over her bathing suit. When she ran inside and undressed in a hurry, she totally forgot all about the pump, left it on, and jumped in the pool. (A small disclaimer - I forgot about the pump, too! I didn't remind her to take it off, and never even looked for it in her bag! Bad D-mommy moment!) After 4 laps she remembered and that's when she came to me, petrified she'd ruined it. I took it off her, wrung out the waist band and did a quick inspection. Know what I found? Absolutely no problems! Yippee! Alls well with the waterproof pump!

I've heard the stories of how it's not as waterproof as you might think, so we usually don't test it. Her blood sugar always drops while swimming anyway, so it just works best to take it off while in the pool. But I tell ya - it's sure nice to not have a water-logged broken pump right now. What a relief!


  1. Whew! Glad all is well with it, nice to know it truly survives the water. I understand your concerns about the OmniPod. For my Grace, I know how much she is in and out of the water and the beach and I couldn't imagine how many tubed pumps we would actually go through each summer while we had 'Oops!' moments. :0)

  2. yeah it is still working and glad it was water proof . and the insurance companys are too hard to fight with to get another one . Yeah destresser . LOL !!!

  3. Animas Ping is the pump that I am hoping to get for Bekah. Thanks for sharing your story. The water proof part was just a bonus for me. With kids though you never know when they will get something wet. So glad it all worked well for you guys! Blessings!

  4. I have to agree with your sentiment!

    We've NEVER had issues with Addy's Ping and water :) I love that we don't have to take it off when she's romping around in a sprinkler or at a splash pad -- but that we have the option to disconnect for balance with heavier activity such as swimming and treading water while playing with friends.

    Great post!

  5. I love the waterproof"ness"... (new word!!)
    I can foresee our taking a dunk at some point. It's just a matter of time ;)

  6. Yea! So glad it is waterproof and all is well!!!

  7. I can just see her all upset and full of panic.
    :( I'm SO glad all turned out to be A-OK!

  8. I am so glad that the pump is ok...and Grace, I can imagine how upset she was. It sounds like waterproof is a really good thing :)