Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facing the Music

Today's the day.

Today, I will come face to face with just how poorly we've managed Grace's diabetes this summer.

Today, we go to Joslin for her quarterly Endocrinologist appointment.

And we'll get her A1c.

(For those who don't know, an A1c blood test measures, in lay-terms, what Grace's blood glucose levels have been for about 3 months. This test will take into account all the highs she's had when it took 8 hours to bring her down, as well as hidden lows we may have missed.)

From what I've seen on-line, some people have to wait to get their results in the mail. We get ours in 20 minutes, before we leave the office. So I'll get to discuss the number with our CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator).

Here's the breakdown:

So if your A1c comes back at 8%, it means your average blood glucose level for the past 3 months is 183. (For the record, when I was looking for graphs, I noticed that there are several versions out there, with different numbers assigned different values. If you're a PWD, please go by your Endo's numbers.)

A person without diabetes will have an A1c between 4 and 6%. For a child Grace's age, our Endo would like her below 8%. In the past, she's done pretty well.

This time? Crap shoot.

Today we face the music.


  1. I have noticed all the different numbers too... I need to check with my endo. I am sure it will go well :) Keep us posted.

  2. I think it is what it is. All it is is a number that gives us information about what to do next. Hope today's appt went well :0)

  3. good luck! our last a1cs have been high...going to wrong direction which is so frustrating since it should get better! it is hard to not feel responsible as the mom supposedly in control. next one in sept, hoping for better numbers but if these last two days have much say, it won't be. ugh! hoping when school starts and we get back into a routine it will help.

  4. Good Luck!!! I know I always dread getting our "report card".

  5. We face the music on Monday. OH.....that's, like, soon....gulp.....

    Let us know how it goes!!!!

  6. I SO get the "facing of the music"...funny that is what I term it too on my blog. I read above, The ENDO AWARDs about the lady recognizing you from the blog...good luck catching the guys will get on it.