Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hi (High) Fry

One of these days I'm going to stop sabotaging myself.

Any day now, I'm going to take a day full of beautifully in-range blood sugar numbers, and just let them ride into the sunset, happily ever after.

Pretty soon I'm going to be able to tell my daughter "No" to those tempting, evil, BG spike in a box, tubes of greasy wonderfulness... French Fries!

I promise that the next time we're hanging out with friends, and Grace's blood sugar is holding steady at 89 after swimming, and my friend says, "Does anyone want my fries? I'm all done," I promise, promise, PROMISE I won't let Grace have 4. Or maybe I'll just try bolusing for them. Go figure.

Because, it seems, that 4 french fries = a blood sugar reading 1 hour later of 211.


Don't get me wrong... In my summer of sh#@ numbers, 211 actually isn't that bad. It's downright admirable, compared to where we've been the past 3 months. But, my friends, lately things seem to be almost, maybe, about to be, on the road to thinking about stabilizing. And man does it ever piss me off when I go and do something stupid like giving her french fries and not bolusing.

Next time, I'll be more careful. Next time I'll remember that, even though she's a kid first and a diabetic second, I need to be more vigilant.

I HATE when I screw up.


  1. You didn't screw up Pam- sh#@ happens and diabetes is never the same beast two days in a row.
    Your doing great and have come a long way in an incredibly short time.
    kelly k

  2. Yeah. It wasn't you. I think you made the right call. D just likes to make drama sometimes, and you are doing your best to balance things out. 4 french fries is HARDLY screwing up. Don't beat yourself up. :)

  3. Diabetes would be so much easier to handle if we were handed a crystal ball upon diagnosis.

    But since there is no crystal ball...you can only do your best. And you did what you thought was the safest thing. You did the right thing. ((HUGS))

  4. I have had plenty of times where I have given my son a small unbolused treat when he was borderline... shouldn't have an effect or much of one and for whatever reason it sends him sky high...or does nothing....or he keeps going lower. Gotta love D...so unpredictable!!!
    Now the real question is....did she enjoy her fries? :-)

  5. Hey there Pam - don't beat yourself up over it. You let her be a kid who wanted some fries. Oh well, you got a 211. Let it roll off your back and say that next time, you will have a higher bolus and an extend and see how that works.
    You are a great Mom and take such great care of Grace. I pat you on the back from PA my dear.
    G sent G a package - look for it. A camp freebie that returned in her suitcase with her and when I asked why she had 2 of them, she replied - "it's for my Grace." Almost made me cry.

  6. I sooooo hear you! Sometimes there is just no explaining it. I'm thinking a 211 is great! But I understand your frustration. =)