Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pump Site Gremlins

Thus continues my week of crazy things happening to Grace's infusion site.

If you remember, yesterday her tubing mysteriously disconnected from her site. Gremlins? Possibly.

Today, she comes out of the bathroom at the pool holding her pump in one hand, and her tubing CONNECTED to her infusion site in the other hand.

"It just came out, Mama. It didn't even hurt. All of a sudden I just noticed it dangling."

I know some kids have trouble with sites not sticking in the pool. But so far we've never had an issue. She spends entire days swimming and those sites stick to her like crazy glue. We need Uni-solve to remove them.

Not today. It just slid right off.

Thankfully she was 103 at the time. I figured with all the exercise from the day, we had time to make it home before I needed to put in a new site. Got home, showered, put in new site, checked blood sugar - 107!

As Meri would say...



  1. BOOYAH for sure!!!
    Our sites usually stay on also, but the other day I changed it about an hour before swimming. When Justin hooked back up, he accidentally dropped his pump and in popped right out :(

    Hate those gremlins!!

  2. We have had site issues too. Couple days ago, our son woke in the morn sky high...apparently the cannula never went into the skin and was just laying on top (haven't had that happen since we first started pumping over a year ago!) Then today he came to me to say his set hurt and when I looked, the cannula was bent and pulling out, though still in) So that is 3 new sets in 2 least this last one looks far!

  3. Boo to the gremlins and YEAH for you and Grace!

  4. We haven't done nearly the swimming this year as we usually do, so we haven't had any issues.

    But we have our fair share of encounters with those pesky gremlins. Always tugging at the tubing those guys are...

    Don't you LOVE it when a blood sugar ends up to be perfect after a crazy set day! LOVE! IT!