Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry. I don't mean to offend those with sensitive ears (eyes? since you're reading?).


Yesterday, Grace's numbers were STELLAR! We rocked it! Caught when she was heading down in time for a quick snack. Saw when she was trending up in time for a bolus to take effect.


Till after dinner.

I'll back up... Before dinner she was 145. AWESOME!

Bolused for 75 carbs. Large amount due to some delish looking corn on the cob. Fine, no prob. Even gave her a small extra bolus because she really, really, really wanted a banana after dinner. Good. Got it covered.

Then the sh@! hit the fan.

She goes to get in the shower and screams for me to come into the bathroom.

"What, my Little Angel, could possibly be the problem?" says a mom about to be blindsided.

"This." she says, and proceeds to show me that her tubing had somehow DISCONNECTED from her infusion site.


Apparently, at some point before she was bolused for her WHOPPINGLY LARGE dinner, she'd disconnected. She has no idea how it happened.


Post dinner number - 314.

One correction bolus and two hours later - 384.

Correction by injection and 1 1/2 hours later - 124.


I'm having enough trouble keeping up this summer. I don't need curve balls thrown at me like this.



  1. Yikes! I was thinking the same thing early this morning (WTF) Yesterday at 3AM we caught a 60 and it took two juice boxes to bring it back up to 130. Today at 3 AM we had 334! Both nights her bedtime BG was 140 and both nights she had a 15 carb snack. We don't correct at night unless we have a 400 or higher. She woke up at 174. Crazy, stinkin' Diabetes!! Glad you got it all under control. We don't have an infusion set or tubing to blame our wacky numbers on. Cocktails are definitely in order!

  2. It happened to keep you on your toes. There, it succeeded. And if you lived closer, I would take you out for a drink my dear :0)

  3. Sometimes that happens with Liam's highs too. When he is over 300, sometimes after two hours, I end up correcting by injection, and then an hour or so later- WHAM- I see not only the injection working, but some of the initial correction too.
    A CDE explained to me that it's like the blood is thicker when they are that high, and it takes longer for the insulin to bring them down (I don't know if that's literal or figurative- but whatever). Glad she caught it!

  4. OH!!!!!!!! M.Y. E.Y.E.S!!!!!!!!!!

    I know what MIGHT have happened. Did you say it out loud?? You know... the numbers. Did you jinx it by "thinking" happy number thoughts?? I have learned that D hears E.V.E.R.Y.T.H..N.G!!!!!

    Glad you guys caught it :)

  5. AHHHHH! Matthew is throwing me curve balls as well. Lows, lows and more lows this week.

    What's up with that?