Thursday, October 7, 2010

Little Sister

George, over at Ninjabetic, has once again proposed that today be No D-Day. That is, we, the Diabetes Online Community, should post whatever we want today, as long as it's NOT about Diabetes. So in honor of No D-Day... I introduce you to Little Sister.

Little Sister is the absolute apple of my eye. Born just shy of two years after Grace, she came out smiling and hasn't stopped ever since. At 3 months she was sleeping 14 hours a night - 7p to 9a. She potty trained herself before she was two. I honestly can't remember her crying at all when she was a baby. She'd sleep, wake up, coo, eat, coo, and go back to sleep.

Little Sister is a natural athlete. She's good a just about anything she tries, though her current passions are swimming and soccer. She wants to grow up to be Michael Phelps, but faster. Or maybe Mia Hamm.

She's very creative and artistic. She can sit at my counter and craft for hours, especially if it's something she can be-dazzle. She loves to paint and draw, but doesn't really find school itself all that interesting.

Her latest obsession is fashion. She's 7 going on 17. She actually said to me, "Mama, I can't wait until I'm 17 so I can drive and date!" I'm going to have my hands full with her. Call me crazy, but she seems the type to sneak out windows when she's grounded. She already loves skinny jeans and halter tops. And she ALWAYS wears a headband.

Her true nature is someone always looking for fun. The only time I have trouble with her, other than over her clothing choices, are when we need to transition away from some fun activity. Leaving playdates are tough for her. Going to bed seems to mean, "hey, it's time to sit up and talk with my big sister until I get yelled at."

I could not love anyone more than I love Little Sister. She lights up the room, and she lights up my life. (Very Debbie Boone, I know.)


  1. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE her. She is precious and can I just say, I am hip on the old headband too. I am almost always sporting one. She is too cool for school that one. You are going to be very busy once she hits the teen years Pam. :)

  2. Aw, so sweet Pam. She looks like a lovey.

  3. Awwwww, what a cutie! I love her smile... I think you are in for it when she's a teenager!

  4. yes I agree what a cutie . that face is the face of an angel . God bless em .

  5. I'm laughing, because I LOVED Debbie Boone back in the day and "You Light Up My Life" was my absolute favorite song! Now, that I'm reminded of it, I can't get it out of my head! :)

    Enough about me, though...

    Isn't it great to have a little one you love THAT much?! :) I can't get over what an easy baby she was. Lucky you! But it sounds as though she'll keep you on your toes in a few years! But, hey, she'll make life interesting, right?!