Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walk Pictures!

I think I'm finally rested enough to post about our AWESOME JDRF Walk For a Cure on Saturday. I'm one tired mama-pancreas, but we had such a great day.

Saturday was terrific! A gigantic THANK YOU to all who joined Team Grace's Aces. We had about 45 walkers who came from all over the northeast - from Maine to New Jersey. Everyone was rewarded with great weather, which was in stark contrast to last year's monsoon. (I was more than concerned when it rained all last week. But we woke on Saturday to sunshine and blue skies.) So far we've raised just over $7,000 and hope to get a little more in.

To all who walked, donated, or lovingly did both, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love and support means the world to me and my family. Every dollar you gave brings us one step closer to a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

Grace's Aces, before we left the house...

...and after we arrived in Boston.

Our team shirts

Little Brother catchin' a ride on Daddy

Stop to check blood sugar. 48! Forgot to lower basal for 3 mile walk.

Gotta hate the no-symptom thing!

Hooray for family... all the way from NJ!

Even Molly, the dog, joined the team


  1. LOVE it!

    Our walk was on Sunday here in Portland. After a pancake breakfast from IHOP and some applesauce just before the Walk, I wasn't expecting a low...but .when I finally caught up with Bryce on the route, Dex said 74 with double arrows down! Gave him juice and when my hubby caught up with us, we tested and he was 32!!! Needless to say, he got carried the rest of the walk!

    Love seeing all the pics from the walks all around! Congrats on your team and thanks for bringing us all closer to a cure!

  2. Sunshine + blue skies + good friends + family + donations = a great Walk! Congrats!

    LOVE the Grace's Aces t-shirts!

  3. WOW...love the shirts...love the weather...love the support...love your family and friends. Thanks to all of you for helping and supporting all PWDs. Congrats on a successful walk. You need a break mama pancreas!

  4. Your pictures are making me very excited for our first walk this Saturday!!! I love your shirts too!

  5. Love everything about it - the weather - your rockin team - your supportive network - that the dog joined in - your shirts! - what an awesome day! Great job Pam!