Wednesday, December 1, 2010

She Made It!

Phew! One of those mornings, you know?

Get up, shower and fully get myself ready for the day, then wake kids.

Grace's blood sugar is 163. Hmmm, seems to be trending high in the mornings...

What do you want for breakfast? No, whipped cream is NOT a breakfast food.

It's cold today, don't forget sweatshirts.


Get down here for breakfast!

Who has library today? Don't forget your books!

Who has PE today? No, you can't wear those boots, you have to wear sneakers!

You want to buy lunch? Let me see what's on the menu.

You don't want to buy lunch, I'll make it for you.

Did you make your beds?

Did you remember to feed the fish? Not since when?

Grace, I need to change your site after breakfast, you only have 6 units of insulin left.

Don't forget to bring your math project to school!

Hello, I'm still waiting for breakfast requests!

Mom, pack me more for lunch, I'm starved and you don't send enough.

Mom, don't pack me so much for lunch, I don't have enough time to eat it all.

Grace, finish breakfast so I can change your site.

Clear your dishes, please!

Teeth and hair! Teeth and hair! Teeth and hair!

You want a french braid? With a ribbon wrapped through it?

Hurry up, your going to miss the bus!

Finish breakfast!

Teeth and hair!

Stop fighting with your brother!

Grace, your site!

Teeth and hair!

You need a haircut.

Dishes, lunches, homework.

Shoes on, backpacks on.

Here's $20 for the room parent for holiday gifts.

Love you. Kisses. Have a great day.



SHIT! Forgot to change the site!


she made it through the day with 1 unit to spare.



  1. Phew is right! Something sounds very familiar about this whole morning exchange! Glad she made it with 1 unit to spare!

  2. Whipped cream is NOT a breakfast food? :-(
    Does it count if I put it on top of a spoonful of chocolate frosting? Mmmm.

    You just reminded me I need to change Bryce's set and sensor..bummer!

  3. That's pretty rock!!

  4. Wait, did you copy this from MY BRAIN??? Freaky that you have a clear view into my mornings!

    Glad she made it!

  5. Somehow...I knew where this was leading! A frickin' ribbon through the braid? REALLY? Now, that is impressive girl!!!

  6. I agree with Tracey - Totally impressive & you rock!

  7. Totally lovin' it! Teeth and Hair! I wonder if that phrase is echoing through space right now! HAHA Millions of mom voices, "Teeth and Hair"!!!

  8. Oh, that sounds like every second of the day at our house too! I love it, but sometimes my brain just hurts at the end of the day.